The 25 Hours Hotel chain (the motto is ‘real place, real people’), owner of 5 hotels in Europe, has always distinguished itself for its offering: never the same, each hotel has its own style, its own character, expressing a peculiar mood.

The Zurich 25 Hours is located in the most important development area of the Swiss city, for many years now a hub for creativity, architecture and business. Its western part is distinctive for the marked contrast between former industrial areas and state-of-art urban planning, geometric and aggressive.

25 Hours Zuerich West 014

The 25 hours Zurich West Hotel has been developed together with Alfredo Häberli’s team, his first experience of designing a hotel from A to Z.

The choice of a ‘timeless’ style for the interiors, and the wealth of artistic and graphic features transports the guests to a dimension which is far from ‘banks, watches and chocolate’, the classic Swiss clichés. A world of creativity and assemblable spaces, with a range of services which, though classic, offers innovative solutions which communicate Häberli’s design concepts: ‘a place open to the world yet still protected’.

The lobby, featuring a central bar, has been conceived to create movement and liveliness, and doesn’t overlook more private spaces for meetings and business. It’s naturally linked to the restaurant and sets aside a significant area offering a view over Hard Turm Park, and in the summer it opens up its terrace overlooking the park.

25 Hours Zuerich West 016

The reception and the wide lounge area are enhanced by a colorful – and at the same time rational – merchandising corner for the hotel partners, and by a massive central staircase with an eye-catching effect, which conveys the city’s sense of wealth.

You then walk straight into the lobby, which combines a large opening and protected niches, enriched by a small library with a view of the city streets.

Strong colors and private spaces, a space management plan and a choice of colors which engage both the business guest and families, both business travelers and those looking for pure leisure.

The first floor conference room is a concentration of design and creativity. The flexibility of ‘mice’ spaces allows the setting up of small meeting rooms which in a few minutes morph into large conference rooms, but the features don’t stop here.

The real pearl is the Kitchen Club, a Bulthaup and Miele-equipped area with a central cooking unit, professional facilities, work counters and abundant space: a brilliant offering for incentive meetings, as well as for private ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ parties, as the CEO of 25hours, Christof Hoffmann, defines them.

25 Hours Zuerich West 06

The range of rooms is rich and varied, the categories (Platinum, Gold and Silver) tell us we are in wealthy Zurich.

Room furnishings are wholly in synch with the hotel’s spirit, and aligned with the guest targets: large colorful spaces, creating a peculiar atmosphere. From classic solutions to bunk-beds for families to linkable rooms.

The furniture, fabrics, components and accessories all bear Häberli’s hallmark style: Vitra chairs, Alias beds, even tooth-brushes have been researched.

The fitted carpets, these too designed by Häberli, have been produced by Tai Ping, and alternate nature-themed subjects.

25 Hours Zuerich West 08

The Silver room category provokes the guest with a window which joins the bedroom to the bathroom, a daring variant the proprietor and designer chose for couples or single travelers. The walls are enhanced by paintings that seamlessly segue into the carpets, and beds have higher feet than usual, to afford a sense of space and depth.

Gold category rooms all overlook the Business-Plaza and Hard Turm Park. They feature hardwood floors which ‘mark’ the rooms strongly, and a lighter, more refined color scheme creating a modern yet elegant ambience. Rugs and furniture have been expressly made-to-measure for the hotel.

The eight sophisticated Platinum Rooms are conceived for longer or more important stays. Each has a balcony and they offer a more classical mood in blue hues, consistent with the wooden floors.

25 Hours Zuerich West 020

The exclusive Häberli Suite offers a generous vista with a South-facing balcony, over-looking the Business-Plaza , above the main entrance.

The wellness area has been created on the top floor. It’s furnished in warm colors and natural materials, with a cube-sauna in the center, surrounded by Alias beach chairs and enjoying a spectacular view of the city.

The 25hours Hotel Zurich West is a blend of the classic and the contemporary, a 360° offering, created in the likeness of its designer and in symbiosis with a proprietor who has a vision of the present projecting to the future.

Matteo De Bartolomeis

Matteo De Bartolomeis

Born in Milan, a career in professional publishing with a significant interlude in behavioral and methodology training. He went digital and experienced first-hand the birth and rise of the internet, working in IT publishing in the 1990s. Has been working for 12 years with and for Suite magazine and on b2b publishing projects for the contract and hotel industry, with special focus on the international evolution of design, on trends and transformations in the relevant markets and the role of social media in the industry.