A new harmony comes to Armani/Nobu in Milan, a meeting place for a sophisticated international clientele enjoying the pleasures of fine dining.

The colourful design and materials underline the spaciousness of the restaurant, and close attention was paid to the 380 square metres of entrance hall, with its large bar and smoking area; the outside terrace, looking over Via Pisoni right in the centre of Milan, lightly extends the lounge area outwards.

On the first floor, measuring 280 square metres, the focus is on the new sushi bar, lying in the centre of the space and visible from the staircase, with its precious champagne coloured metal panels.

These structural variations are enhanced by a design, which makes the most of the textures and body of the materials, blending the typical Armani colour palette with warm, sensual shades. The floor is paved with large wood-effect slabs, in classic “Armani greige”, laid in a herring-bone pattern. The pale marmorino walls are dotted with moiré effect light panels, with dark wood profiles, alternated with natural coloured woven matting.

The Japanese inspiration, destructured to abstraction, can be found in the wooden beams decorating the ceilings and the careful, delicate lighting, decorated walls and just a hint on the tables.

A special edition of the Hack lamp in Murano glass from the Armani/Casa collection, fills the space with a unique, special atmosphere. Even the armchairs evoke distant Oriental sensation, with their enveloping, curved solid wood backrests. Exclusive fabrics, selected by Giorgio Armani, are used for the seating, alternating different decorative patterns in sunny shades of orange.

Armani/Nobu thus confirms its attraction as a special trait d’union between chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s cuisine and the hallmark quality of the Armani brand. After restyling, the new layout seats 130 on the ground floor, maintaining the smoking area and the climate-controlled wine cellar, with room for 100 more upstairs, around the sushi bar.


Danilo Premoli

Danilo Premoli

Danilo Premoli, from Milan, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, where he later achieved the Master in Design & Management. He works on planning, design and art and he is the assistant of computer science at the Industrial Design course of the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan. He collaborates with companies involved in the furnishing sector and his works have been selected for exhibitions of art and design and published in catalogues and magazines. In 1996 he won the "Accent and Design" Prize at the International Gift Fair in New York with the container system Ubiquo; in 1999 he won the "Smau Icograda Excellence Award" in Milan with the mouse-pad "life outside". He is part of the Observatory of Design of the Adi Industrial Design Association, which handles the product selection for "Adi Design Index" and the Golden Compass and he is also currently engaged in “Atelier Innovation Adi “. He is also a freelance journalist and author of books about architecture and design and he runs the blog Observer Office. He is the author of the project Milano Design Plaza ©.