With the natural light filtering in from outside, the multifaceted geometrical elements covering the ceilings and walls, it is hard to imagine that the  Auriga restaurant and night club in Mumbai was ever just a plain old warehouse. By focusing on the clever and sustainable use of reclaimed materials – rejected air con units or wooden strips left over from previous projects – the project by SanjayPuri Architects has truly transformed a dejected space once used for industrial purposes into a completely new hospitality venue. Auriga Mumbai is on two floors, whose texture and formal design are in complete contrast with one another: upstairs, the 70-seat restaurant is dominated by a flow of shapes made of wooden strips that cover the ceiling, the bar and the live kitchen area;

downstairs, the spiky geometric elements in the nightclub are made of strips of galvanised metal that have been bent and placed side-by-side to create the walls, ceilings and surfaces.

The nightclub can accommodate up to 250 guests and continues outside with a patio area.

The look is completed with granite flooring in shades of grey and black walls and soundproofing panels on the ceiling, forming a backdrop for the interconnecting metal elements.

Sabrina Sciama

Sabrina Sciama

After graduating in architecture, she worked in publishing for over twenty years. Contents manager for corporate blogs, architecture- and design portals, collaborating with professional magazines and handling the drafting of monographs. She has worked with: Domus, Abitare, Case da Abitare, Auto&Design, Case&Stili. Actively involved in the design-italia.it portal between 2001 and 2007, working mainly on the daily news section and the daily newsletter, as well as playing a proactive role in the management of additional website content. Editor of Box magazine from 2004 to 2009, also coordinating the drafting of two volumes focusing on young designers entitled “Box circa 40 – progettisti italiani e stranieri attorno ai 40 anni”. Coordinated the drafting of corporate catalogues and monographs for the series entitled “I Protagonisti del Design” for Hachette Fascicoli (Giulio Iacchetti and James Irvine, 2012).