At first, it was built as a new, exclusive Victorian club. A decade later, it became the first licensed casino in the city. But its ultimate destiny was to establish itself as one of the most famous restaurants in the world.

We are in London, in Covent Garden, and this is Cristopher’s. De Matos Ryan‘s brilliant renovation work last year has gained it a nomination as best interior design of the year at the 2014 Inside Award.

There’s a classy, atmospheric mood that permeates the restaurants’ different spaces: the warm entrance hall, the lively Martini Bar, the elegant dining room at the first floor, and the intimate club room at the lower floor. Each with its own distinct character, but the four of them sharing a common creative palette in terms of tones and materials. Natural marble floors, muted surfaces with silver and gold ornaments, big volumes, mirrored glass and brass finishings.

All contributing to an unforgettable London experience.





Archijuice Staff

Archijuice Staff

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