Inspired by the elegance of the legendary grand hotel bars of the past, the Manhattan Bar, designed by the design studio Distillery of Singapore and located on the second floor of the Regent Hotel in Singapore. Featuring a strikingly grand central hall, it was built in 1982 on a project by the American architect John Portman.

“The bar itself is shaped as a stage upon which the bartender (as the central actor) performs the craft of cocktail making before a dramatic bottle display” explain the design engineers who decided to focus on the bar area, raising it like a stage above the rest of the premises.

The distinctive feature of the whole setting are the warm shades of leather: the perimeter is lined with Chesterfield sofas, and in the central area, in order to enhance the grand hotel bar style effect, ancient-look mirrors have been installed, along with comfortable chairs also upholstered in dark leather. To create a setting as closely in keeping as possible with the lush style of the “golden age” of cocktails, Distillery consulted the beverage experts Proof & Co.

An even more particular effect is created by the “rick house”, a corner entirely dedicated to whiskey barrels, while right in front of the entrance is the “ingredient room”, drawing emphasis to the vocation of the place


Sabrina Sciama

Sabrina Sciama

After graduating in architecture, she worked in publishing for over twenty years. Contents manager for corporate blogs, architecture- and design portals, collaborating with professional magazines and handling the drafting of monographs. She has worked with: Domus, Abitare, Case da Abitare, Auto&Design, Case&Stili. Actively involved in the portal between 2001 and 2007, working mainly on the daily news section and the daily newsletter, as well as playing a proactive role in the management of additional website content. Editor of Box magazine from 2004 to 2009, also coordinating the drafting of two volumes focusing on young designers entitled “Box circa 40 – progettisti italiani e stranieri attorno ai 40 anni”. Coordinated the drafting of corporate catalogues and monographs for the series entitled “I Protagonisti del Design” for Hachette Fascicoli (Giulio Iacchetti and James Irvine, 2012).