The first Disney-labeled Starbucks (there’s an agreement for 4 of them) has opened in the Downtown area of the Anaheim Disneyland Resort in California.
This new concept is the product of a significant partnership. Arthur Rubinfeld, Creativity Chairman, powerhouse and helmsman at Starbucks, defines it thus: ‘this shop is a reflection of two iconic brands pulling together to offer their clients the type of high-quality experience they expect, in a way which embodies the unique passion both have’.


If you’re expecting ‘the usual Starbucks and the usual Disney’ you’ll be amazed: the entrance is a wonderful arcade built around an ancient tree, enhanced by a discreet, gentle and engaging spotlighting system spread out among the branches.
A wooden structure (made entirely of recycled material) alternates with vertical vegetation sections created by over 1,000 autochthonous plants and flowerbeds. They offer guests a sensation of well-being, engaging them straight off with the project and its mission, making them understand the furniture and decor solutions.


Interior decoration choices in the internal area favor large tables – rough in shape but delicate to the touch – circled by large, synthetic-material poufs (recycling everywhere), with a choice of colors that makes the seating feel almost alive.
The colors chosen for the furniture and finishings, grey, yellow and brown, all blend together with light nuances. You enjoy a unique sense of harmony, with total ambient comfort.


The presence of technology combines flawlessly with Starbucks’ mood: large touch-screen monitors broadcast the Starbucks story, with interactive options purpose-made for children.
A genuine video-wall, looking like an animated painting, conveys, in the words of Bill Sleeth, Starbucks’ Americas design manager, ‘Starbucks’ universal message of craftsmanship in a Disneyland context: a Starbucks-type corner within Disneyland, an unexpected venue’.
Starbucks Disney is proof that a winning idea doesn’t always require elite furniture and lighting brands. You can create a cocooning, engaging ambience simply with a project that’s clear, straightforward and, most of all, shared.
You find Starbuck’s sustainable soul everywhere: in materials, varnishes, lighting and in recycling.
Starbucks, with over 75% of its shops certified by the LEED protocol, is probably the company currently owning the largest sustainable portfolio.
This is a very successful interior design project, which prioritizes being in such a context, rather than thinking what to do once there.

Matteo De Bartolomeis

Matteo De Bartolomeis

Born in Milan, a career in professional publishing with a significant interlude in behavioral and methodology training. He went digital and experienced first-hand the birth and rise of the internet, working in IT publishing in the 1990s. Has been working for 12 years with and for Suite magazine and on b2b publishing projects for the contract and hotel industry, with special focus on the international evolution of design, on trends and transformations in the relevant markets and the role of social media in the industry.