The Tent Hotel, a resort created by A21 design studio in Nha Trang City (Vietnam), has been deservedly included in the shortlist for the Inside Award 2014 for the Hotel category.

The area which hosts the Tent Hotel is challenging from the climactic point of view, though the natural scenery tells the tale of an absolutely untainted wildlife.

A21 Studio has cleverly interpreted the context and the requirements and created a unique resort, which has been built almost entirely using natural or recycled products, and following local native assembly techniques.

The key difficulty, climate, has been solved by devising a roof which reaches almost down to the ground (the Tent Hotel lies on an irregular, steep hill) and virtually hides the structure. It’s a veritable tent resting on rock, created after analyzing the winds and currents and assembled at such an acute incline to allow guests to enjoy a natural ventilation system which fights the heat and shelters them from rain. This makes the spa and external spaces always available, without forcing guests to avoid contact with the explosive natural environment around them.

The beams and panels making up the roof have been built in three layers and covered with a waterproof sheet of coconut leaves, which also camouflages the hotel within the wood where it nestles.

Inside, the guests enjoy a split level interior: the bedroom is on the second floor, flanked by a small eating area by the rocks, creating a private relaxation space.

The Tent is an extraordinary combination of design concept, choice of materials and smart cohabitation with nature, sending a strong vital signal from an area otherwise prey to sunshine and winds.

Matteo De Bartolomeis

Matteo De Bartolomeis

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