The bywords: novelty and synergy.

This was the brief given to the designers at the GPY Arquitectos studio, in order to give a new lease of life to the Adeje tourism school facilities. The designers have a strong track record of success in ‘social’ architecture ad delivered a sober but effective project, which is also smart and tailor-made to the client’s requirements.

The project involved the renovation of two areas on the ground floor and basement of the existing building, which were previously used as warehouse.

A large interaction and exchange area has now been created, connecting it to the floor above via a centrally located staircase.

This multifunctional area can be easily partitioned into meeting areas or showrooms, thanks to a system of retractable canvas curtains: this ensures the separation into areas and also – if necessary – a certain amount of privacy and independence.

A clever solution has been adopted in the basement: a white, backlit structure has been created and installed along the walls, marking a hypothetical border with the exterior (which doesn’t exist).

The FIT! Design project has transformed a brief into spaces and opportunities, and in a socialization and sharing venue for the whole Canary Islands community, for which tourism is the main (and perhaps only) source of wealth.

Matteo De Bartolomeis

Matteo De Bartolomeis

Born in Milan, a career in professional publishing with a significant interlude in behavioral and methodology training. He went digital and experienced first-hand the birth and rise of the internet, working in IT publishing in the 1990s. Has been working for 12 years with and for Suite magazine and on b2b publishing projects for the contract and hotel industry, with special focus on the international evolution of design, on trends and transformations in the relevant markets and the role of social media in the industry.