The 5-star luxury Waldorf Astoria Hotel run by Hilton Worldwide stands in the heart of Jerusalem, just a short distance from the Jaffa Gate, which leads into the Old City. The hotel was opened in spring 2014 and it has ten sumptuous floors covering a total of 40,000 m². Its 230 bedrooms are 50% larger than the average room in other big Israeli hotels.

The historical premises of the Palace Hotel were renovated to create the new Waldorf Astoria. The original building was constructed in the late 1920s by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. It now belongs to the Reichmann family of property developers from Canada, who put Feigin Architects of Ramat Gan (near Tel Aviv) in charge of the renovation and extension project. In the main body of the building, the 1920s structure of the Palace Hotel has been preserved, with its harmonious blend of Gothic architecture and Ottoman features. Feigin Architects extended it upwards with a new construction that stands tall over the city streets and contains bedrooms, two spa centres with pools and saunas, a fully equipped fitness centre and two restaurants.


In order to combine style and sustainability in the renovation project, the architects drew on the experience of companies such as Navello, a renowned Piedmontese manufacturer of wooden windows.


Along with the King David and the American Colony, the newly reopened Waldorf Astoria is one of the most prestigious hotels in Jerusalem.

Sabrina Sciama

Sabrina Sciama

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