The Architects Office of real estate consultant Cubix in New Delhi has been designed by Spaces Architects @ka as an open office space with a fluid layout, conceptualized to be an inspiring workplace to enjoy.

The 1200 sqft space is split on two levels, with the lower to be used as the primary workstation area. There are two cabins, a conference room and a reception area behind which the service area has been tucked in.

The upperlevel front office space is narrow and used as a gallery with walls in cement finish but boasts a fixed glass roof and allows ample light to penetrate down into the lower interior space. The lower part has open workstations connected by cantilevered wooden steps, which open out from the front office.

The conference and cabin has a glass sliding folding partition which when pulled acts as individual space.


A green space with grass flooring and elliptical seating space is used as a breakout space in the interior and two workstations for senior architects are designed behind the seating.

The ceiling has abstract forms and plays an important role in the studio creating a visual transition through the office. An abstract partition acts as waiting area and continues on the ceiling extending into multiple abstract boxes to display parts of the firm’s design ideology.

Similarly, there is an elliptical ceiling over the reception and the circular seating in green breakout area is reflected on the ceiling, continuing into the rear space.

The Cubix Architects Office by Spaces Architects @ka has been nominee between the most innovative office spaces for the 2014 World Interior of the Year.

Archijuice Staff

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