CREA International was asked to design a new banking format of the BNL Europe agencies, for the BNP Paribas network. The design idea conceived by CREA International is born from the concept idea of “Connecting Bank”, which represents two different worlds which are connected to create a new world of BNL, that is constantly looking into the future.

The main objectives were to empower the new branch format and create flexibility and space optimization with a modular design that could be adapted to different locations and needs.

4 service areas were developed introducing new services and harmonizing tradition and innovation.

Front hall area – connecting retail code & banking code


Emphasis on the customer relationship has been introduced with new customer reception areas, welcoming clients and offering a full orientation. A new educational corner is placed in the front hall area, supported by technological devices that can be used in self or assisted way. Waiting areas are integrated with interactive digital display with informative contents and access to new services. Tables allow the staffs to freely work, offering light consultation.

Operations zone – connecting tradition and innovation


New operational area with a 24hr service has been integrated with a hybrid multifunctional ATM, that allows clients to access the Internet and print A4 documentations.  Self-cashing machine has been also placed to allow clients to do their operation self or assisted by a teller.


Consulting rooms – connecting digital & physical


To provide an high level of privacy, a consultation room with polarized glass system has been placed inside the branches: it can be controlled to provide clients with higher level of privacy. Hi-room dedicated to remote advisory has been also placed inside the branch, offering clients the access to specialized consultation.

Business centre zone – connecting BNP Paribas & BNL


A new staff operational model has been designed: it is supported by new technological features that allow greater flexibility in the mobility within the branch. New PDL mobile portable devices have been implemented with Wi-Fi service within every point of the bank branch, allowing the staff to freely move in the open space and waiting area. New PDL mobile portable devices are also able to meet the needs of the clients, with the goal of better communicate and exchange of information.

The new BNL format, characterised by innovative contents and services will maximize and emphasize the quality of the relationship with the clients through welcoming, support, assistance and advisory, making BNL distinctive from other banks.




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