Club Workspace is a fast-growing network of creative co-working business clubs for entrepreneurs and professionals alike, with exclusive locations across London.   Design and architecture practice Studio TILT designed the new Club Workspace incorporating a design language that breaks the traditional mold for a co-working space.

Studio TILT were tasked with redesigning the entrance lobby and five storey enclosed atrium space within the former Patent Office building, Located at One Quality Court. Nestled within a Conservation Area beside the Royal Law Courts, an inspiring co-working space now balances an informal, collegiate atmosphere with a highly effective business environment.


The client wanted a better experience for the tenants of the building and significant improvement the overall effectiveness of the business centre.

The challenge was to experiment with new spatial topologies and expand the Club’s offering with more singular work locations, new orientation of work and meeting areas for Members that were open, visible yet inclusive and private.

Studio TILT was responsible for all design aspects from the architectural design, lighting design, furniture to specification.

The dynamic and flexible interior incorporates a private meeting space, singular workstations, co-working desks and relaxed lounging areas, all elegantly fitted into a modest floorplate.


The building envelope was stripped back, bringing together the entrance and atrium into a single scheme and completely changing the use and value of the whole space. An impactful entrance sequence was created, incorporating touch down meeting points and a new café space in the atrium.

Materials were carefully chosen to create a unique working environment that would cater for a range of working types. The entrance way was appointed with simple joinery and led by an installation of over 150 lights designed by the studio and arranged through the space, some with pendants as long as 30 meters.

On the floor, the decorative lines of the Frame Geometric porcelain tiles by Refin add an original touch to the whole space creating optical games.


Black Noraplan Uni floor and intelligent lighting design by Studio TILT themselves was incorporated to give the space a comfortable yet high quality finish.

The lounge area allows the host to alter the light and ambiance of the space through the Wi-Fi at the touch of a button. The space also includes two rugs in a Rubens Boucle, alongside the ‘Quiet’ and ‘Call’ furniture, all designed by Studio TILT.


One of the most distinguishing features in the club is the co-working desk that wraps and intersects the run of columns that characterise the space.

The oak veneered desk cleverly makes use of the columns to create individual working zones along a continuous length of desk. The elegant oak joinery fits effortlessly around the dark grey painted columns and each working space is lit by Anglepoise Duo 1227 wall mounted lamp.


“Spaces should never be fixed as they are constantly changing and need to be flexible for different uses. We create intuitive queues within the space so the user can transform the space for their own purpose.” explains Oliver Marlow, Creative Director

Studio TILT unique approach to co-design works on two levels: emotional, to create a cultural relationship with the space by providing a sense of ownership by the users, and practical, to ensure the space is fit for purpose which will shape the design.


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