Renovating the work space as an opportunity to redefine the company’s identity. This is the main theme that guided the Vo Trong Nghia Architects‘ renovation project of a 1,200-employees vietnamese garment firm, recently selected for the 2014 Inside Award shortlist.

The project concerned just the “white collar” offices and the reception at the ground floor: the manufacturing area remained untouched and kept operating during the entire construction period.

These spaces were redesigned according to the following principles:

  • enhancing the communication between the factory workers and the administrative staff: no walls between them, just a large window
  • emphasizing the idea of an efficient factory, by visually underlining the difference between the two spaces: the new information workers’ space, warm and natural, and the old manufacturing facility, with its steel structure evoking ideas of strength and dynamism
  • reaffirming the bond that ties the company to its local environment and culture: only local materials have been used for the refurbished offices, such as bamboo for the ceiling and exposed bricks for the walls.

Three principles so strong that end up defining not just the company’s work space, but its fundamental organizational culture.

Archijuice Staff

Archijuice Staff

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