Index Ventures is a famous highly creative venture capital with offices in London, Geneva and San Francisco.  The San Francisco office in SOMA District was designed by Garcia Tamjidi who recently completed also a new office expansion due to the rapid growth of the company.Index-ventures-office-1

The San Francisco location was designed by Garcia Tamjidi with a blend of adaptive reuse, daylight maximization, and state-of-the-art technology like smart lighting, low voltage, and real-time room-by-room tracking. By outfitting the office with a cafe and showers, Garcia Tamjidi created a space where international team members could land, zip to the office, refresh, and be ready to hit the ground running.


For a major expansion to the existing offices, Garcia Tamjidi focused on the capture of natural light through the introduction of a series of new skylights.

Public spaces like the entryway, café, and boardroom are arranged in a centripetal pattern around these light pillars. Index-ventures-office-3

Elements and materials from the previous project have been seamlessly integrated, creating brand continuity as well as illumination-fueled intervention.

In the vaulted hallway, a sculpture commissioned from Reuben Margolin produces a kinetic visual anchor. Index-ventures-office-4




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