Kinnarps is a leading interior design company from Sweden, specialized in office and business settings. Recently, the company’s discourse has been geared towards creativity as the main driving force behind everyday work: “We are heading towards a thought economy that makes completely new demands on us. As our work tasks become ever less physical, greater demands are made on our ability to solve problems and think creatively.”

How can the office environment enable and inspire such a process?

To better explain its stance, Kinnarps has partnered with Italian designer Luca Nichetto for the 2014 Milan Design Week, and set up an installation called “Scandinative Workspace”, where Scandinative is a play on the terms “Scandinavian” and “creative”. The exhibition revolves around five key factors that create the conditions for creativity, each illustrated by Nichetto’s works: let’s see the five of them, along with a designer’s sketch of the corresponding installation element.

1. Build and change
Give people the power to change their surrounding themselves and create the conditions for free thoughts.

2. Disorient us
Unexpected architectonic solutions encourage creativity.

3. Out on a limb
Creativity flourishes in contexts where people dare to take risks. Why not create spaces that are designed to give its users freedom of failing?

4. Play hard
The whole office doesn’t need to consist of slides and TV games rooms, but areas where people are encouraged to play help to neutralise social and hierarchical structures and create conditions for innovation.


5. Ecosystem of ideas
A majority of creative solutions stem from informal meetings. The coffee corner, a place for refreshment with seating areas where many employees gather, is a way to get people to meet spontaneously.

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