The Italian firm Giraldi Associati Architetti has moved to new offices in Florence, to Palazzo Antinori-Aldobrandini, where stucco decorations and frescoes blend harmoniously with the design elements.

Beyond the “Galleria delle Carrozze” on the ground floor of this historical 19th century building, up the stone staircase adorned with marble statues and mirrored walls, you will come to a landing lit by large windows looking out on the inner garden: here, a mirror-covered wooden door leads to Studio Giraldi Associati Architetti: a space measuring around 600 m2, where the modern furniture dialogues with the grand artistic decorations.


In the reception area, the letters GAA shine out in blue neon tube lighting from a concrete panel, and the coloured light reflects onto the Poltronova Superonda sofa (in its classic shiny white eco-leather version); “keeping an eye” on the space is a large cardboard coated cow, the work of the artist who goes by the name of Ziqqurat. From the reception, two doors lead to other areas: the meeting room and the design rooms.


The first reveals itself in all its splendour, with its finely frescoed vaulted ceiling; a long rough wooden table stands in the centre, surrounded by twelve chairs. Two design rooms lead off from the meeting room: the first looks out onto the street, its large windows flooding the room with plenty of natural light; the second, on the other hand, looks onto the inner courtyard. The room houses three rows of glossy white painted desks.

Beyond this, two large wooden doors decorated with gold frames lead into the third room, operations: here again, two long glossy white painted desks, and a large glass table in the centre for samples and materials. There are another four smaller rooms in the new headquarters; one of these is the personal studio of architect Fulvio Giraldi: a private space, yet also home to a set of gym equipment.

For Giraldi Associati Architetti, the expansion of the offices in Florence and the renewal of the firm’s coordinated image is a creative and functional change for the group, itself a work in progress, which is clearly represented by the solutions used in the design rooms, the experimentation of materials in the meeting rooms, which are also served by a kitchen, offering staff the chance to socialise as they prepare something to eat, and a relaxation area. This – given the number of newborns in the company (six in the last year) – will soon become a nursery, another service improving quality of life for the associates.

Danilo Premoli

Danilo Premoli

Danilo Premoli, from Milan, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, where he later achieved the Master in Design & Management. He works on planning, design and art and he is the assistant of computer science at the Industrial Design course of the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan. He collaborates with companies involved in the furnishing sector and his works have been selected for exhibitions of art and design and published in catalogues and magazines. In 1996 he won the "Accent and Design" Prize at the International Gift Fair in New York with the container system Ubiquo; in 1999 he won the "Smau Icograda Excellence Award" in Milan with the mouse-pad "life outside". He is part of the Observatory of Design of the Adi Industrial Design Association, which handles the product selection for "Adi Design Index" and the Golden Compass and he is also currently engaged in “Atelier Innovation Adi “. He is also a freelance journalist and author of books about architecture and design and he runs the blog Observer Office. He is the author of the project Milano Design Plaza ©.