Star, one of the most important food-processing group of companies in Italy, entrusted to the architecture firm Il Prisma the design of the new headquarters in Milan.

The workplace design has been developed focusing on the flexibility of the spaces, basing on the concept of organizational flexibility which is one of the key factors of of Star’s success.


An area of 460 square meters on the ground floor of the Star’s new Headquarters has been dedicated to the culinary center which represents a window to the outside and a multipurpose area for the company.    The offices are on the first floor in a large open space with no fixed personal workstations but only desks, chairs and connections within the three great departments visibly identified by panels on the ceiling.


Every day all employees have the opportunity to choose the preferred workplace, equip it with their own tools and release it in the evening to give the possibility to other people to establish the next day, in a business turnover that stimulates creativity and promotes human relationships.

Everyone, even the CEO, sit in the open space, identified by a metaphorical lawn of green carpeting.


The choice of the non-assigned stations has led to the need to create spaces to allocate personal belongings, therefore customizable personal baskets have been placed in a series of cupboards to allow employees carry their own possessions to the work desks.



The open space is interspersed with informal meeting spaces and workstations decorated with items such as spoons, strainers, tea bags and baskets of fruit, all representative of the culinary activity and product range of the brand.


Heart of the project is the professional kitchen equipped with highly innovative Technologies.


The location will house tastings , lunches, training and events, contributing to the implementation of the will of the brand to change and renew itself, acting as a pioneer of innovation , while respecting the history and tradition that characterize Star.








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