The EcoDesign collection by Lessmore is the tangible expression of the eco-sustainable philosophy behind Giorgio Caporaso designs and the result of experimentation and research into materials with the ultimate goal of combining style and functional design, making even the poorest of materials like cardboard look stunning.

Lessmore creates eco-sustainable furniture and accessories for hotels and restaurants and for any commercial venue in general; its innovative and high performance modular systems can be customised to satisfy the many different demands of public places and venues.


The Ecodesign Collection Lessmore is the outcome of painstaking research into aesthetics/functions founded on their ability to transform so that each product has the guarantee of a new life that will not fall foul of the fickle nature of fashion or the passing of time.

The materials used have been totally recycled or can be recycled separately, and the production processes used are based on simple technologies involving a short supply chain in order to maximise energy savings.



The furniture and accessories designed by Lessmore reveal the values reflected in the spaces that accommodate them. Choosing “Giorgio Caporaso Ecodesign Collection” for the interiors of hotels, cafes, restaurants, or any setting in the Hospitality industry in general, makes the areas themselves become genuine testimonials of a new lifestyle where man, nature and the environment are paramount.




Modern Sustainable Design Made in Italy.