The result of intense planning and design work, with research and development leading to international patents, the Techne Linear staircase by Fontanot represents a return to the very essence of design and its ability to enhance the tactile quality of materials.


Techne is created in technopolymer, a material that has never been used in the staircase industry, which is able to bring out the lightness of the shapes while guaranteeing resistance. The innovative process of colouring directly in the mixture makes the spiral staircase resistant to use and to UV rays; for this reason, Fontanot Techne can be installed both indoors and outdoors.



The Linear railing is composed of 20 mm diameter round balusters that support a PVC handrail with an aluminium core.


The perfect, regular geometry Techne Linear projects an almost dream-like dimension into its surroundings, in which the colour, shape and material become a uniquely personal form of expression.



Production of Spiral prefabricated staircases, Winder staircases, Staircases in a kit, Custom made staircases and stainless steel railings for indoor and outdoor use.