The multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing and accessories, has engaged DINN! to design the first Italian running hub RunBase, a real temple in Milan for all running lovers.

It is located in Corso Sempione 10, just a few steps from Parco Sempione, the most ambitious place for city-runners.


adidas RunBase Milano represents a new retail era where the design can innovate the brand through a service design approach, offering a new kind of city running experience by combining it with a store consumer experience.

It is a place where the consumer is the protagonist and where the brand and product come together into a new urban running experience.


“The new adidas RunBase Milano is the first and it will be the unique one in Italy, I guess. This project exists already in Tokyo, London , Moscow , Boston and Berlin, but with a different and, I can say, more traditional and store oriented experience”

Marco De Carli, CEO at DINN!.

adidas RunBase Milano represents a key place in the city able to involve different type of runners, from the addicted ones to newcomers, allowing them to discover, feel and experience the best of adidas brand and the spirit of running in the city.


This state-of-the-art hub has been designed by DINN! to improve the relationship between the running and the city, to offer a relaxing place to everyone after a run, thanks to shower facilities and stretching area, and to meet experts of this sector able to give suggestions and help.

RunBase delivers also other innovative features such as free of charge locker facilities; the “foot’s support test” that is a test which reveals the best solution of running shoes for each runner based on their feet and the official treadmill where people can simulate a piece of running before choosing the best item.


“We have designed a place where the consumer is the protagonist and where the brand and product come together into a new urban running experience. adidas RunBase lets runners experience the best of Adidas brand and the spirit of running in the city”

Marco De Carli, CEO of DINN!.

adidas RunBase pushes competitiveness in the market through this new full-immersive consumer experience that is able to change the role of the space, from a product consumer experience to another one more focused on runners’ benefits and feelings.


The urban codes are presented in an innovative way within the space in order to give continuity to the city-running. As matter of fact the relax area includes comfortable benches in wood, which give the idea of being at the park; the signage, which reminds street signage and the use of cement on the floor which reminds you to be in the city.

All details have been thought and developed in line with adidas style and colors and with the purpose to enhance the city running.



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