Stefano Tordiglione Design captures and showcases the menswear brand’s centennial tradition at Hong Kong’s IFC, through a rich, innovative design style.
The atmosphere inside Brooks Brothers’ Hong Kong boutique mirrors that of the brand’s flagship store at 346 Madison Avenue, NY. The stucco plastering enveloping the exterior columns, their capitals, the windows and the interiors’ ceiling are all a throwback to the brand’s historic headquarters in New York.

The Brooks Brothers team has worked together with Stefano Tordiglione to bring the brand’s traditional spirit to the Asian capital. Through a new store concept, reflecting the fact that Brooks Brothers is much more than a menswear brand, but it belongs to America’s historical narrative, as bespoke tailors to 39 out of 44 American presidents.


Tordiglione is an expert in creating interior projects for historic luxury brands with a contemporary feel, and his design style has yielded an architectural solution rich in sophisticated modernity.
Alongside the customary luxurious, idiosyncratic finishings, there are some signature pieces which lend personality and distinction to the interiors: an industrial-style chandelier that lights up and ‘furnishes’ the central area, and the dressing rooms’ modern glow, are among the project’s distinctive features.

Tradition is featured elsewhere in the boutique too: like the mosaic floor, hand-made in Italy, adapted and refashioned in the manner of a classic New York pavement. Or the valuable wall-paneling with a small diagonal motif that houses the shirt collections, or the pale striped walls, inspired by a Park Avenue apartment, or the geometric motif of the façade, which echoes the classic window design of a XXth century Long Island building.

All of these references create a great sense of luxury, reflecting the brand’s strategy as its 200th birthday approaches.

Matteo De Bartolomeis

Matteo De Bartolomeis

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