Brazilian architect Marko Brajovic designed the interior of the new Camper store on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne. The cooperation with Atelier Marko Brajovic is part of the ‘Camper Together‘ project, the model of collaboration between Camper and leading designers to create exclusive products and outstanding stores which brought Camper to embrace Marko Brajovic’s eclectic style and incorporated it in its stores.

This designer draws inspiration from popular Brazilian festivals to design settings where the party spirit and chromatic intensity establish a radical harmony with stern, white spatial simplicity. At Atelier Marko Brajovic, designers have fun combining concepts like minimalism and folklore which, though seemingly contradictory, end up forming spaces of surprising aesthetic coherence. After the creation of the exclusive and unique Camper retail store for the JK shopping center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Marko Brajovic designed also this new Camper Melbourne footwear shop fixing 30,000 bright red shoelaces to the undulating ceiling to create a series of varying curves and dips.

CAMPER_2 The studio was asked to design a concept store that could be adapted in several locations, maintaining always a coherence and to individualize each installation, they created different ceiling shapes based on local weather phenomena. “Through the construction strategy with shoe laces we modeled different ceiling shapes” explained Brajovic “adapted for each store. In this store, we used a waves mapped from a natural phenomenon as a model”.

CAMPER_sectionThe studio made use of parametric 3D modelling software to convert a satellite image of a cyclone into an undulating form created by tying laces of different lengths to a mesh base, attached to the concrete beam structure of the ceiling.   The tip of each lace was attached to the mesh with a cable-tie, while the ends were left to dangle freely.


Other design features include long white shelves around the edge of the shop floor, seats with mirrored sides in the centre of the space and a shiny red counter behind which a row of long laces was suspended from the ceiling to the floor functioning like a curtain.

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