Like a set of Chinese boxes, the Camper showroom-office in Shanghai opens up before visitors as if it has been inserted in the shell of a pre-existing warehouse. “The exterior lane extends into the showroom, creating a physical sectional cut of the new house and a gathering space used for presentations and talks”explained the Chinese architects Neri & Hu (Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, based in Shanghai). They took their inspiration from the distinctive alleyways of Shanghai, which are called “non-tangs”.

Shoes hang from the skylights to make it feel even more like a street setting.

Camper-2b Grey bricks and salvaged wood have been used in the construction of the location. “The wood salvaged from demolished lane houses reveals years of patina from paint, while newspapers and wallpaper are still attached to the planks. A new skylight above heightens the experience of being in an exterior alley by casting long linear shadows across the walls throughout the day” stated Neri & Hu. Great care was taken over the interior design scheme. All of the items were custom made for the project, from the bronze shelves and the special edition Solo Chair with Camper red legs to the Lazy Susan table designed for the Press Room.

The project is in the shortlist or the World Interior of the Year 2014.

Sabrina Sciama

Sabrina Sciama

After graduating in architecture, she worked in publishing for over twenty years. Contents manager for corporate blogs, architecture- and design portals, collaborating with professional magazines and handling the drafting of monographs. She has worked with: Domus, Abitare, Case da Abitare, Auto&Design, Case&Stili. Actively involved in the portal between 2001 and 2007, working mainly on the daily news section and the daily newsletter, as well as playing a proactive role in the management of additional website content. Editor of Box magazine from 2004 to 2009, also coordinating the drafting of two volumes focusing on young designers entitled “Box circa 40 – progettisti italiani e stranieri attorno ai 40 anni”. Coordinated the drafting of corporate catalogues and monographs for the series entitled “I Protagonisti del Design” for Hachette Fascicoli (Giulio Iacchetti and James Irvine, 2012).