“La Fromagerie du passage” is located in Aix-en-Provence, in the middle of an ancient Benedictine cloister. The venue has been created by architect Vincent Coste, and is conceived for the enjoyment of the world of cheese and wine, declined in three distinct areas: a retail area, a tasting area and a… contemplation area.


Three levels, each with its own mission, though none of them forgets its ‘street vendor’ identity.  The retail area on the ground floor features a cheese sales area and, facing it, a rich retail display of wines.The interiors are clean and sophisticated, beginning with the choice of a black and white floor echoing some of Aix’s typical pavements.

Black and white are the dominant colors in this section of the Fromagerie, and are interrupted only by the wall shelving system, where the products on sale are displayed and take the leading role.
There are two dining rooms on the first floor: one with a long counter overlooking the display window below, and another with a long table that can be split up as the need arises.

The top floor is dedicated to contemplation: from the terrace you can view Aix-en-Provence’s roofs.
This petite restaurant-retail gem features a great sense of space, while the formal choices on materials, colors and lighting lend solemnity and nobility to the venue.

The furniture is simple and doesn’t distract your attention from the products on offer, but at the same time it creates a calm, professional ambience.
La Fromagerie du Passage is a project where architecture tiptoed in, and yet left significant traces of its work.



Matteo De Bartolomeis

Matteo De Bartolomeis

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