Mykita Shop, an eyewear brand from Berlin, has a store in the renovated Bikinihaus on Budapester Strasse between the Berlin Zoo railway station, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and Kurfürstendamm.

An iconic architectural feature of 1950s West Berlin, designed by the architects Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger, the Bikinihaus (given this name by the Berliners because of the clear horizontal separation that is the hallmark of the building) was a symbol of the reconstruction and the rebirth of the city destroyed by the war. Renovated throughout, the new premises of the large shopping centre Bikini Berlin were inaugurated in April 2014.

With the idea of respecting the original character of the building, the display project for Mykita resembles an art installation more than a store fit-out. Ready-made objects – trolleys once used in airports by flight assistants, now given a new lease of life as container elements – alternates with furnishings designed ad hoc, illuminated like actors in a theatre.

The display, the real central element in the exhibition, is a 31-metre long white wall with holes into which the glasses on sale are tidily inserted. The models are displayed on both sides of the wall, with each individual frame resting on its own shelf and shown off to best effect thanks to a backlighting system.


Freely accessible from the store is the large 7000 square metre terrace that looks, on one side, onto the City West and, on the other, straight out over Berlin Zoo.

The Bikini Berlin’s Concept Mall hosts a number of well-known fashion brands, as well as 19 pop-up stores, the Supernova Store Concept and the 3300 square metre Bikini Berlin Pool, which includes an events area.

Mykita Shop has been selected for the Retail Interiors 2014 award.

Sabrina Sciama

Sabrina Sciama

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