ORIGAMI Ark is a showroom design by Matsuya Art Works for a leather manufacturing company in Himeji City, a Japanese suburban city.

The exterior appearance of the building is made into a futuristic shape close to a spaceship, inspired by the traditional origami.

The showroom displays the extensive collection of the business highlighting the wide range of different leather materials offered by the house.  This specificity led the designers  to create an area suitable to display over 3000 leather items in a narrow exhibition space limited to 300m2   .

The centerpiece of the design is a three-dimensional fixture in a single exhibition space: a huge frame was built in shape of a jungle gym using square steel pipes, to create a three dimensional display fixture.

The large dimensions of the fixture creates in the visitors mind an impressive understanding of the overwhelming range of products with a single glance.


Inspired by Japanese origami, the display system allows visitors to explore the entire collection in one area and adds a touch of discovery to the experience.

Origami Ark Japan is one of the shortlisted projects  of the INSIDE – World Festival of Interiors 2015 Award.





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