Amongst all the big names in technology that have launched themselves into the world of retail shopping with their own brand stores, one name that just couldn’t be left out is Samsung. Samsung Experience Stores are popping up everywhere, in New York, London, Sydney, Lagos… to name but a few. Stores not only there to sell TV’s or mobile phones, but to create customer loyalty in the famous Samsung brand.

2013 has been a particularly intense retail year for the Korean giants. To begin with, it formed a partnership with Best Buy, the biggest American consumer chain of electronic goods, and opened a Samsung corner in all of its 1400 stores.

During the summer, it opened a new Experience Store in Singapore, designed by the international studio OMA, in all probability it’s the most ambitious store yet. This new store has a series of themed areas that give off the wow factor, like the “Galaxy Super wall”, a system that traces and projects the silhouette of the passing visitors. The objective is that of encouraging visitors to try out the products for themselves and interact between each other thus exchanging opinions and information.

Another important new opening will be in Istanbul in the Autumn of 2013, which are shown in these two videos:

Video 1
Video 2

As with Microsoft, many see the blatant similarity with Apple Stores in terms of layout. An almost dèjà-vu sensation but not to be confused with plagiarism: the minimalist look, the shop windows, the open spaces and the enormous tables are by now almost an integral part of this type of store, such as, the seating found in a shoe shop or the changing rooms in a clothes store.

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