Wellendorff is a German brand of very high-end jewelry and their new boutique is located in one of the Asiatic city’s wealthiest and more sophisticated neighborhoods: architect Stefano Tordiglione (who hails from Naples, Italy, but relocated successfully to Hong Kong in 2007) and his staff have drawn inspiration from the German brand’s history, creating an interiors project that breathes the same sophistication and wealth.
Wellendorff jewellery boutique in Hong Kong Stefano Tordiglione
The shop’s entrance features a striking wooden floor with several different cuts and motifs inspired by the history of German castles, lending the ambience an immediate hallmark of ancient nobility.

The walls are light grey, delicately interwoven with a constant flow of high-reliefs soberly evoking floral motifs (a throwback to the Wellendorff brand identity), with lithe columns creating small visual intervals and imbuing the boutique with a classical air.

Wellendorff jewellery boutique Hong Kong by Stefano Tordiglione
The wall motif continues on the ceiling, where the vertical – horizontal divide is marked by a lighted path acting like a cornice.

Advancing as though along a guided path, the boutique’s interior project gradually accentuates its curved, highly enveloping shapes, interrupted by glass cabinets and mirrors. Everything is soft, rounded, like a rolling wave, as the concept dictates.
Wellendorff boutique in Hong Kong by Stefano Tordiglione
Lighting is effective but subtle and never detracts from the value of the objects on display, in fact it enhances their beauty and value.

Top-quality materials and luxury finishings are featured throughout: they must all contribute to the sense of intrinsic value the Wellendorff brand imparts to its clients.

The cashier desk, partially upholstered in leather, is a true gem, and the large marble fireplace sitting in the central lobby is perfectly adapted to the wooden floor and the walls’ style.

Wellendorff jewellery boutique Hong Kong Stefano Tordiglione
The area for special clients is a space within the space, where a carpet hosts elegant maroon, red and green chairs and sofas created by B & B Italia. It’s all lighted by a series of champagne-colored, silk-lined floor lamps, by the top Israeli brand Aqua Creations.

A wonderful cream-colored coffee table and four green chairs are the solution for a corner devoted to private sales.
Wellendorff jewellery boutique by Stefano Tordiglione
From Germany to Hong Kong: the Wellendorff boutique is a journey through values and history, interpreted by Italian designer Stefano Tordiglione with respect and taste.

Matteo De Bartolomeis

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