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Guy walks into a bar – but how do you get him to come back again and bring his friends?

Bar interior design plays a big role in getting customers for bars along with the good drinks and great service.

A unique interior design will differentiate you from the ordinary bars and will print the brand in the customers’ minds.

ArchiJuice is the bar design resource for interior designers, architects and barmans.

Discover the unusual, and find out what is worth seeing in terms of bar design.
Get contemporary bar design ideas in modern styles from interior designers and architects all over the world.

Archijuice offers current on-trend bar inspirations and trends.

Bar Design Ideas

Photos: Arch. Marcello Pozzi

The allure of multiculturalism and inspiration without frontiers for a real guest experience.

Photo: Juicy Design

Reinventing the concept of Mexican restaurants using graphic design